Globalwarming Awareness 2007

So .. what can i say about the Globalwarming Awareness 2007 !? it's a SEO World Championship organised by a "sweden SEO agency" to make a chance for the seo webagency to improve here knowledge in the serach ... waw i'm speaking in english ! so good ! Yeah !

An idea from the terms of Globalwarming Awareness 2007 or just a definition ...

For more information about Globalwarming Awareness2007

P.S. my english is very "spechiol" so don't Laughing Out Loud ...

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22/04/2007 07:44

euuuuuh t'as prévu une version décodée???? :DD


22/04/2007 22:10

Almost perfect !!!


23/04/2007 11:05

oh yeah man! that sounds english!

o_0 seems like i've already wrote this comment! deja vu?!

  White Lion

25/04/2007 06:39

J'en connais deux au boulot qui seront tt contents de ce post,hein sam? :p